Benefit: Increased Efficiency & Savings

Flexibility in matching  the demand for water

Adaptive desalination enhances the command over your desalination plant with advanced control systems that optimize water production in real-time. This allows you to match the production of water close to its demand. 

Efficient use of components: reduced maintenance

With better control and increased thermodynamic efficiency of the process, plants utilizing the ADT process can operate at the best efficiency point for different operating conditons. 

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our technology's prime advantage is the 10-30% energy savings over the current state-of-the-art RO process, significantly reducing operational costs. Made possible through Pani Energy's research. 

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  • Adaptive desalination requires minor modifications to your current equipment, piping, and control systems
  • Minimal downtime for retrofit
  • Low complexity of installation
  • Use of certified and proven components 


  • Flexibility in recovery ratios, while minimizing the change in TDS
  • Additional real-time optimization
  • Designed and constructed such that the plant operator can switch from Adaptive to Standard, on demand


  • Return on investment will be seen in 2-5 years (in most cases) due to energy cost savings
  • We add physical components, which increase asset value 
  • Opportunities available to apply for grants and funding to support financing in lieu of reduced carbon emissions

Case studies coming soon.

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