Desalination - What's The Market?

Do you enjoy taking a look at the numbers? So do we - here are some facts and figures that outlines what is going on in the desalination market these days. 

There Are A Lot of Plants

Around 15,000 desalination plants in roughly 170 countries

These plants are in many countries around the world in particular: Spain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Australia and many more 

But It's Expensive...

Our Market's Operating Costs


in 2017

Cost Breakdown

  • As you can see - the most expensive operating expense for a desalination plant is energy. 
  • For most plants, energy can make up to 60% of the plants' entire lifecycle costs 

Reducing Costs

The cost of energy can be reduced with technology innovation -  this is particularly true when using our ADT technology to design and build new plants.

* - 1.5 kwh/m³ is the practical minimum energy consumption for a new ADT plant. This number is based on modern membranes and turbomachinery. Various factors such as seawater intake composition and recovery can significantly affect this number, as with current RO plants.

Reducing costs creates fewer barriers for the market to grow, a market that is already growing...

Market Growth

This is expected to continue at a pace of 10-20% per year

By 2050, 4.8 billion people around the world will be impacted by water stress and desalination will be how a majority of them access fresh water (source: GWI).

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