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Pani Energy's CEO titled as "The Future of British Columbia"

"His name may not be familiar, but Devesh Bharadwaj represents the future of B.C.

At just 24 years old, the University of Victoria engineering graduate is a thinker, an entrepreneur and a technology pioneer who is harnessing the abundance of the ocean to bring clean water to the developing world.

Bharadwaj's company, Pani Energy, has been incorporated for a year, yet has already assembled an impressive team that is developing economically accessible technologies for fresh water and clean energy - using the physics of water, salt and a specially designed, semi-permeable-membrane process."

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Interview With C-FAX 1070

Our CEO Devesh Bharadwaj was interviewed from Adam Stirling of C-FAX 1070 to discuss how batteries work, renewable energies, and our Osmotic Energy Storage & Adaptive Desalination technology. 

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A Salty Solution To Energy Storage

"Separate salt and water and they long to come back together. That special chemistry could provide an innovative solution to the dilemma of storing and extracting surplus energy generated by intermittent energy sources such as solar, wind and wave power.

Entrepreneur and mechanical engineer Devesh Bharadwaj is a University of Victoria graduate who founded Pani Energy Inc. in March 2017..."

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The Future Is Here: Douglas Magazine

"In 2017, Devesh Bharadwaj founded Pani Energy, which develops economically accessible technologies for clean water and clean energy.

Growing up in New Delhi, Devesh Bharadwaj was accustomed to seeing creative innovations that accomplished a lot, using only a little. He calls it jugaad, a Hindi word that translates roughly to...

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University of Victoria: Advocate for clean energy. Innovator.

"Award-winning undergraduate researcher. Advocate or clean energy. Innovator. 

For Devesh, mixing saltwater with fresh water is a way of harnessing a reliable renewable energy...

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