Water secures every aspect of our lives, yet 1 in 9 people lack access to this basic resource. Part of the problem is that 97% of our water is salty - undrinkable. 

Solution: Desalination. There are more than 15,000 desalination plants in 150 countries, providing fresh water to more than 300 million people. With fresh water sources diminishing worldwide, desalination provides an infrastructure to secure our water future.

How We Got Started

Pani Energy was founded with the spirit of research within the halls of the University of Victoria's Engineering and Chemistry department. Devesh, Pani Energy's Founder, was searching for a professor with whom he could partner to bring his technology idea to life. After going door-to-door to several professors offices he formed a partnership with Dr. Tom Fyles, who would later join Pani Energy and take over R&D. 

After years of R&D, the team had developed the technologies, ready to be commercialized. Devesh formed a partnership with Ian MacDonald to scale Pani Energy, former professor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, now the chair of Pani Energy. 

Since these early days, intellectual curiosity has remained embodied in Pani Energy's ethos. Pursuing this early passion for R&D has lead to the creation of our ADT and OES technologies. 

We are proud to continue developing new technologies and provide services to meet the energy, water and environmental needs of our modern society and industries.

What We Do

We develop new technologies and provide services to meet the energy, water and environmental needs of our modern society and industries. Our focus is towards global deployment of our membrane-processes in the fields of desalination, energy generation, and energy storage.

We aspire to offer fresh water, along with reliable and renewable energy to shape a market where desalination and renewable energy technologies will thrive around the world.

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