Cloud based analytics solution optimizes water treatment plants to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve sustainability of

fresh water production, worldwide.


Your water is challenging,
treating it doesn't 
have to be

 Achieving efficiency and sustainability goals: a Canadian industrial wastewater treatment facility optimizes their operations with Pani

This video shows how a dissolving pulp and paper mill in Atholville, New Brunswick, Canada is using Pani to monitor and optimize their wastewater treatment and operational processes through data capture and analysis, ensuring that regulatory compliance requirements are met before effluent re-enters the environment. 

"Environment is one of our most important KPI, key process indicator, so
we must ensure that the water quality leaving this facility is always in compliance.”

- Andre Gallent, Technical Manager, AV Group

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Water treatment plants process

millions of gallons of water every day

What happens in these facilities matters. And there are hundreds of thousands of plants around the world, all integral to meeting society's growing fresh water needs.

Treatment facilities are complex and difficult to manage

Over the last few decades, processes and requirements have become increasingly complex to meet rising environmental standards and industrial demands.



Reacting to plant operations


High costs and

tightening margins

Unplanned downtime & lost production



 failures & fines

 Let's face it, plants have advanced, but the tools to manage them have not

We engaged 250+ plant owners and operators across desalination, municipal and industrial treatment, saw the patterns in their pain points, and built a platform to solve them.

Pani solves top water challenges 

with data-driven technology

Our AI Coach™ is the first software solution that works with the plant as it is, and supports operations teams to reduce risk and optimize performance throughout the whole facility.  No retrofits or disruption.


Increase asset life up to 20%


Reduce downtime

up to 20%


Lower OPEX

up to 20%


Stay in compliance


Operation and maintenance of treatment systems can now be optimized beyond long-perceived standards using Pani’s AI Coach.  Pani is opening the door to drastically improved life cycle costs in many facets of treatment.

Ashu S., Project Lead
Aquatech International

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Innovative and resilient entrepreneurs like the talented team at Pani Energy make me more hopeful about the future than ever before. Pani's work on developing optimization tools for water treatment plants will allow plant owners to reduce their energy and chemical use. Their goals are ambitious and SDTC is here to help them meet and exceed them!

Leah Lawrence, CEO, SDTC 


Pani’s intuitive user interface directly recommends operators, in real-time, how to prevent unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance activities. It is an economic solution for companies to adopt, in both emerging and developed markets.

Venkatesh M., Deputy General Manager
Tata Projects Ltd.

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Clean Tech companies like Pani Energy are changing the world with their innovative AI technology.


Navdeep Bains,

Former Canadian Minister of Innovation,
Science and Economic Development


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