Industrial efficiency is the invisible solution to climate change

You and your operations team

can make a big impact on the world's most pressing challenges.

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Water change is climate change

Water treatment infrastructures like desalination and wastewater treatment are essential to meet the ever-increasing global demand for fresh water, and to ensure water returns safely to surrounding ecosystems. The problem is, these infrastructures are extremely resource intensive and account for massive amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing to climate change.  Pani is tackling these problems head-on, and addressing some of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations, with innovative digital tools to improve the way these complex processes operate.  The result: more fresh water, less of a footprint.  


Massive Impact

At a global scale, Pani's solution is estimated to offset up to 200 metric tons of carbon emissions (MTCO2e) - that's roughly equivalent to 43 million cars off the road, without disruption to existing  infrastructure.

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Our vision is bold, yet simple: 
accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable water supply

Our humble beginnings go back to rigorous university research & development in Western Canada.

Pani Energy is incorporated in 2017.  The next few years are spent prototyping, testing in labs (really a garage ⚙), and running millions of simulations. 

After engaging with alpha customers accross North America & Asia, Pani intensifies development efforts and develops a hybrid AI approach to plant optimization.  Positive results and studies show tangible benefits approaching up to 20% reduction in OPEX (energy and chemicals) and GHG reductions.

Pani establishes a world-class team, secures global deployments, and expands our network of international customers and partners. Now we are all set to deliver on our vision. 

We strive for a world where clean water is affordable to produce, reliable, and accessible to everyone, globally. Interdisciplinary by nature, we are researchers, engineers, professors, and industry veterans, united by a shared motivation and passion for the problems we’re solving.  We work tirelessly to improve the performance of every plant we work with, helping teams lift their plant's performance beyond the state of the art.