Case Study 

Saving Water and Money at a Reverse Osmosis Facility


A multi-billion-dollar international water company (anonymous at this time) invited Pani to demonstrate the capabilities of Pani's software product at a 6 MLD (1.3 MGD) Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in the Northeastern USA, that treats variable river influent for industrial use, and utilizes Ultrafiltration (UF) for pretreatment.

Pani's product was deployed as an offline software assessment, and the system, tools and recommendations were evaluated extensively for accuracy and robustness across a range of testing scenarios.


Plant operations were continuing at status-quo and the plant was assumed to have no meaningful optimization opportunities. 


However, data analysis detected membranes in poor condition, and showed that operations were exceeding product water quality limits.  This plant needed ways to optimize membrane health and cleaning cycles, to identify the source of fouling with accuracy and detail, and improve water recovery.


Pani Genius™ was implemented, which includes the Al Coach™ (Pani's proprietary artificial intelligence technology).  The Al Coach™ aggregates data from throughout the plant and proactively identifies specific optimization opportunities.


In the short time-frame provided, Pani's software identified 36 improvement opportunities, with extremely high accuracy, to increase the plant's efficiency in multiple areas, including:


  • Increasing water recovery;

  • Reducing daily water usage by 26,000 gallons;

  • Reducing cost per cubic meter/gallon, saving over $160,000;

  • Increasing time spent within optimal operating conditions;

  • Increasing likelihood of more successful cleanings, which translates to increased membrane life and performance;

  • Helping operators avoid unscheduled downtime and plan for optimal membrane replacement schedules with automated membrane failure prediction.

See the full case study for details.


"[Pani's] complete feature offering is highly differentiated from competitors and their team is one of the best I've seen.


We pushed their software capability through test after test, even through scenarios it wasn't necessarily designed to do, and it held up to a high level of scrutiny. "


- Company's lead evaluator


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