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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

-Helen Keller



We see a world where clean energy and clean water is cheap, reliable and accessible to everyone, globally. 


Through advanced technologies, Pani believes the barriers on access to these fundamental resources can be lifted globally. Our goal is to reduce the cost and carbon emissions at the fundamental infrastructure of our society, that is energy and water.


Pani Energy was founded with the spirit of research within the halls of the University of Victoria's Engineering and Chemistry department. Pani Energy's founder Devesh brought two passionate research groups together to innovate and develop interdisciplinary technologies that would enable a significant reduction in the cost of producing fresh water from non-fresh sources.


Pani Energy was founded and spun-out with the backing of years of research, alongside Dr. Ian Maconald and Dr. Tom Fyles, who sprinted towards bringing these technologies from the academic world to commercialization.


Since these early days, intellectual curiosity has remained embodied in Pani Energy's ethos. Pursuing this early passion for R&D has led to the creation of our software and hardware technologies, for both the water and energy industries. 


Pani continues R&D in the energy and water nexus, with interests in improving efficiencies through software and novel hardware system designs in desalination and large-scale energy storage, building upon adaptive and intelligent membrane process design and operation.

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Pani Energy represents a diverse team of highly motivated, skilled, passionate and out-of-the-box thinkers, researchers, engineers, professors, and industry veterans. Some have brought in decades of experience from the universities and water industries in Asia, Europe, and North America, while others are bringing advanced approaches to adaptive algorithms, big data, and Artificial Intelligence. Pani Energy works together to improve the performance of every single plant we work with - lifting its performance beyond the state of the art.


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