Optimizing water treatment plants with artificial intelligence, accelerating the world's transition toward a sustainable water supply

The future of water is


Solving complexity: the Digital Operator Coach™ 

Water treatment is complex, and plant operators need better tools to manage these essential processes.

Pani leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cloud-computing to provide clients with a Digital Operator Coach™ to help solve process complexity and improve operations. 


The Coach™ helps operators, engineers, managers and their teams turn complex data into 

efficient actions at municipal, industrial, desalination, reuse and ZLD facilities.

Reduce operational


Lower OPEX up to 20%

and offset CAPEX projects

Ensure continuity & boost resilience

Fortify your operation and
be ready in case of a crisis

Prevent costly downtime

Say goodbye to unplanned downtime and stressful service disruptions

Meet & exceed
regulation compliance

Be proud to set the example for protecting your community and ecosystem

Extend equipment & asset lifespans

Improved use and maintenance means you get a longer working  life out of your equipment

Conserve consumables 

From chemicals to membranes, make the most of the resources you rely on

Same treatment process, higher efficiency

The Coach™ is provided through a cloud-based software platform, and our technology integrates with the plant's existing hardware and software to help operators maximize their facility's assets and processes to achieve higher performance than previously possible, without costly retrofits or disruption to operations. 

With the help of new and advanced technologies within the field of data science, the platform is constantly collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data coming in from the plant, crunching the numbers so you and your team can focus on taking action, before concerns become problems. 

Awards & recognition

From technology to company leadership, we are leading the way around the world

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Pani Energy provides a cloud-based machine learning software platform to elevate the efficiency of industrial and city scale water treatment infrastructures. Pani's award-winning Artificially Intelligent Digital Operator Coach ingests plant data and instructs plant operators how to optimize their plant's performance. 

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