Reduce energy use and predict performance

Consume up to 20% less power, make membrane assets last up to 35% longer, and elevate performance.

We help optimize what matters most to desalination operations

energy use


membrane assets




Status quo

Energy is wasted

❌  Influent conditions and production goals change. Reverse osmosis trains are run at constant recovery, driving up power use and asset wear & tear.


With Pani

Energy is conserved

✔️  Personnel can respond faster and more effectively to changing conditions, increase asset longevity and performance, and reduce energy consumption.

Membrane assets stunted

❌  Reactive maintenance = limited membrane asset life, higher than necessary rates of fouling, and more frequent costly replacements.

Membrane assets extended

✔️   Predictive and preventative maintenance = more life out of membrane assets, less fouling, fewer replacements (major savings).

Frequent unplanned downtime

❌   Inefficient, time consuming manual analyses, and reactivity leading to error, downtime, missed targets and lost production.

Uptime and continuity

✔️   Staff spend less time analyzing and firefighting, and more time maximizing productivity with efficient and confident actions. 

What does this mean for your facility?

Let's see what's possible 💸

For a large desalination plant (190 MLD) paying  $59 million dollars a year in operational expenses

  • $23.6 million is spent on energy 

  • $4.6 million is spent on membrane replacements due to routine or reactive maintenance practices


Pani’s analytical tools have the ability to:

  • reduce energy consumption 3-20%

  • extend membrane life 20-35%

  • reduce chemical consumption 3-10%

Note: Percentage ranges provided as results per plant will vary depending on the type of plant, level of instrumentation, processes in place, technology feature being used, operator actions etc.

At this plant, that would equate to savings of:


  • $4.72 million dollars off the energy bill

  • $1.6 million dollars saved in membrane replacements

  • $386,000 offset in chemical costs


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