Reduce downtime and minimize operational risks

Unplanned downtime costs millions of dollars each year.  Work smarter, not harder.

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uptime &


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Status quo

Reactive maintenance

❌  Inability to predict when membrane assets require service until the issue reaches critical and operational firefighting kicks in.


With Pani

Predictive maintenance

✔️  AI Coach™ monitors, forecasts, and communicates when, how, and which assets to service (clean, flush, or replace), preventing downtime and extending asset life.

Manual calibration

❌  Sensors drift, equipment mis-behaves, and it takes time to respond. Operators often find out too late, and are left doing damage control.

Smart simulations

✔️   AI Coach™ uses a digital twin of the entire plant to run simulations, analyze and interpret trends, and predict issues before it's too late.

Upsets & downtime

❌   Operators lack the tools and the time to be proactive.  Human error, downtime, missed targets and lost production are common, and costly. 

Uptime and continuity

✔️   AI Coach™ predicts potential issues and recommends action to avoid upsets, so operators can save time and focus on taking preventative action.

What does this mean for your facility?

Let's see what's possible 💸

We looked at a large multinational food & beverage facility, where the operators face daily challenges with managing operational complexity and maintenance needs, resulting in costly downtime.

Each year, downtime can amount up to:

  • 500 hours 

  • costs of $20,000-$30,000 per hour in production losses

  • burden on personnel and risk to operational continuity

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Pani’s analytical tools and recommendations have the ability to:

  • prevent and reduce downtime with predictive and proactive maintenance

  • protect the company's top and bottom lines

  • ensure continuity and boost performance

With a 5% reduction in downtime, out of 500 hours, at $25,000 per hour (the median rate), that would equate to:


  • 25 hours restored to full production 

  • $625,000 in losses avoided 

  • Longer equipment life from better maintenance 

  • Confidence in operational continuity, risk management, and planning

Note: Actual results will vary per plant, depending on the type of plant, level of instrumentation, processes in place, technology feature being used, operator actions etc.


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