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Utilities are an essential service, at the core of healthy communities.  It's time for a taxpayer-friendly upgrade.

We help optimize what matters most to municipal facilities



aging equipment

regulations compliance

effluent quality




Status quo

Tough to meet targets

❌  Effluent quality targets are getting more strict.  Compliance is essential for continuing operations with a good reputation and avoiding fees.


With Pani

Environmental leadership

✔️  Adapt to higher standards as they emerge, ensure regulatory compliance, and be a leader in your community for environmental stewardship.

Skill and labour shortage

❌  A large portion of personnel are reaching retirement and younger generations are congregating in cities, taking essential utilities for granted.

Helping human resources

✔️   Smooth the transition and training process, reduce the burden on new and existing personnel, and attract new talent with cutting edge technology.

Maintaining aging equipment 

❌   Aeration systems, turbomachinery, evaporators etc. are energy intensive and demand more as they age, and reactive maintenance means shorter lifespans and more replacements.

Maximizing existing assets

✔️   AI Coach™ provides direct recommendations on optimal set-points to reduce energy consumption, and preventative maintenance extends equipment working life.

What does this mean for your facility?

Let's see what's possible 💸

Let's consider a large sewage treatment plant in the USA, experiencing the following common challenges:

  • Overdosing chemicals  

  • Meeting effluent targets for phosphorus content 

  • Compliance infractions, and resulting  community relations and ecosystems

Asset 6.png

Pani’s analytical tools have the ability to:

  • prescribe precise chemical dosing, alleviating guesswork, conserving chemical supplies and reducing costs

  • ensure effluent regulation targets are met or exceeded, helping the municipality deliver on its environmental sustainability goals

  • maintain good reputation and biodiversity

Note: Actual results will vary per plant, depending on the type of plant, level of instrumentation, processes in place, technology feature being used, operator actions etc.

Ready to get more out of your facility?

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