Extracting fresh water from non-fresh sources is resource intensive and complex.

Let's change that.

Desalination and wastewater treatment plants are highly complex infrastructures with a significant amount of operational variability with plant upsets, component failures, changing inlet and weather conditions.


Optimizing based on theoretical, steady-state operation is obtainable with hydraulic models and conventional tools, however, real operation scenarios are miles away from steady-state. There are multiple variables: component losses/failures, different efficiency points for each component, varying holistic optimums and degradation in component performance (at a higher rate for some components than others), back-flushing, cleaning scheduling and management. 


There are several thousand operational possibilities, such as flushing, maintenance schedules, variable demand, membrane scaling/fouling, variable recoveries, variable feed water qualities, and chemical dosing, and each possibility leads to a thousand more scenarios. Current best operation technologies or SCADA systems completely ignore and cannot handle such complexities. This results in plants losing 5 to 30% of their operational costs in losses - until now.  

Modern data acquisition techniques provide plant operators with large data-sets and HMI to support decision making, however, making decisions and setting operating set points to achieve holistic optimum points is impossible using conventional deterministic models. As a result, plant owners bear the opportunity cost of millions of dollars by not optimizing their plants to its single best operational state.

Pani Digital now allows plant owners and operators to holistically optimize plant operations over the cloud, using Pani Digital’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to bring data-driven technologies to the water industry.

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