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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The first time Devesh Bharadwaj got on a plane was when he left his home country India to attend the University of Victoria in the technology-focused province of British Columbia where the foundations of his company, Pani Energy were established. By 2050, 4.8 billion people around the world will be impacted by water stress and desalination will be a solution to this water supply issue. In many countries, however, energy is expensive and is not from renewable sources (such as coal power) producing carbon emissions. Pani Energy's technology is able to reduce the energy consumption of desalination, which lowers both energy costs and carbon emissions, addressing a truly global issue.

Pani Energy is partnered with the University of Victoria's Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre, Alacrity Canada and is supported by National Research Council, Eco Canada and the B.C. Ministry of Trade & Investment to scale its operations internationally. This technology caught water industry leaders attention and Devesh is invited to present Pani Energy's Adaptive Desalination Technology (ADT) technology at the Global Water Summit in Paris, France as one of the five water technologies labelled as, "the big ideas that have the potential to change the face of desalination and water reuse" at the Water Technology Idol event on April 16th.

CEO Devesh Bharadwaj (left) demonstrating ADT technology

The Technology

What has caught the industries attention? Pani Energy's work with ADT could radically change the Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination process. In Paris, Devesh will be showcasing how Pani's advanced SWRO process technology can apply to both new plants and retrofit existing plants to provide energy savings of up to 10-30%, that can translate to millions of kilograms of carbon emission reductions globally.

The Event

The Global Water Summit is the pinnacle event for the water industry known for, "its high-level attendance, thought-leading content and unrivalled networking opportunities, [the] Summit attracts more top water leaders and business executives than any other water event and is vital in shaping the movements of the water industry each year." To learn more about ADT and Pani Energy - reach out hello@panienergy.com

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