CHEK News: Road to Recovery

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The focus for everyone has shifted from climate change, to recovering from COVID-19. Have businesses put environmental initiatives on the back burner?

In the first episode of Road to Recovery, CHEK’s Joe Perkins explores how climate change mitigation is fitting into businesses COVID-19 recovery plans, speaking with Pani Energy CEO Devesh Bharadwaj and Jill Doucette, founder and CEO of Synergy Enterprises.

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Bharadwaj commented "the theme of the year is to do more with less" and that "we are seeing an extreme urgency and high sense of demand for capitally lean, low risk, high ROI cleantech technologies"

Perkins noted that "as economies begin to open up, and we’re already seeing this in places like China, whatever gains our environment has encountered, they are going away fast. The carbon output has already surged past pre-pandemic levels. As people rush to get back to normal, Jill, are you worried that COVID-19 will set us back?"

Doucette responded: “I I think in a lot of ways the pandemic is going to push us forward. I think it’s pointed to the need to localize our supply chains and our economies; as was mentioned, do more with less, use our waste as a resource for example … I think in unexpected ways, the pandemic will push us to think about efficiencies and the circular economy and other things that we hadn’t thought about before”

To which Bharadwaj added “I think what this has done is allowed us to have clarity on how a crisis can affect cash-flows, and it’s aligning all our efforts together. As they say, a massive shock to society resets the status quo and I would say, I’m not just hoping that it’s clean and sustainable, my team and I and many other companies are working very hard every day to make that happen.”

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