AI Coach™

engineered exclusively for water treatment

Machine learning works 24/7 to help water operations and maintenance professionals increase efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve plant performance.


Status quo

High costs, high consumption

❌  Energy, essential chemicals, labour, equipment, maintenance- the costs of operation are skyrocketing.


With Pani

Cost and resource efficient

✔️  Conserve and get better value out of operational resources, solving scarcity with higher efficiency. 

Too much to manage manually

❌  There are hundreds of signals to analyze at any given time, across the plant.  Manual monitoring and analysis increases likelihood of costly error.

Everything under control

✔️   AI Coach™ monitors the plant 24/7, analyzes all the data,  provides actionable analytics  and gives direct recommendations to operators.

Reactivity & downtime

❌   Incumbent tools can't predict operational conditions.  Reactivity leads to unplanned downtime, missed targets and lost production.

Forecasting & continuity

✔️   AI Coach™ performs dynamic optimization to determine and deliver optimal control set-points.  Proactivity keeps the plant running smoothly.

How it works

at the plant

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The Coach™ aggregates 

plant data

The Coach™ runs the data through Pani's digital twin and models, and provides analytics and recommendations to operators via the web platform, email, or text 

Operators take actions based on the Coach's™ recommendations, preventing problems before it's too late, saving time, hassle, resources, and the environment

Case Study

See how the AI Coach™ found optimization gains in a Reverse Osmosis plant assumed to have none, in the Northeastern United States

Simple steps to get set-up, no disruption or downtime

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Plant assessment

Asset 4.png

1-way data


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Asset 2.png



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Go-live & get results

Secure solutions
for the risk averse 

Pani is purely decision support: data is pushed to the platform, the Coach™ does the math, and the people choose to take action.  Our clients and their facilities remain safe and secure. 


Options to suit all stages of the journey

$0 CAPEX, monthly subscription.  

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Set a strong foundation

For mostly-manual plants

starting to digitize

What you'll get: Centralized data,

real time analytics, and automatic performance reporting

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Build & generate value

For plants with instrumentation and centralization already in place

What you'll get: Advanced analytics, process diagnostics, anomaly detection and actionable recommendations

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Advance & transform

For plants with historical data ready to reach the summit of performance

What you'll get: Predictive insights and fault detection, prescriptive solutions, and holistic plant optimization

Ready to get more out of your facility?

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Find out what our AI Coach™ can do for your segment