Overcome conventional O&M challenges

The Coach™ is constantly collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data coming in from the plant, crunching the numbers with hybrid (data and process) models so the O&M team can focus on taking action before concerns become problems. 

High energy consumption 
& costs

Aeration systems, turbomachinery, evaporators, etc.

Membrane fouling & scaling

MF, UF, RO, cleaning, scheduling, etc.

Plant upsets & downtime

Unplanned downtime, biological instability, and resulting losses.

Restricted operator time

Operational firefighting, reporting, data input & scheduling take time

High chemical costs & usage

Chemicals required for coagulation, flocculation, etc. 

Regulations & compliance

Effluent quality targets, product water quality, plant recovery limits, etc.

Machine learning decision support platform, engineered exclusively for water treatment professionals. 

Quick to learn and easy to use, available on a CAPEX-friendly subscription model.

Digital Operator Coach

Product tiers

In the early stages of digization?  Looking to take the next step?  Or ready for advanced level transformation?  


The Coach™ comes in tiers to suit all stages of the digital adoption marathon. 

Use cases: the Coach™ in action 


Click on the industry images below to see a few examples of the Coach in action in industrial,  desalination (and other reverse osmosis facilities), and municipal treatment applications.





Digital Operator Coach™ in action: industrial applications

Secure business activities with reliable treatment infrastructure. The Coach combines domain expertise and direct data-driven recommendations to keep the facility up and running smoothly, for interruption-free operations and happier teams. 

Good afternoon Operator! I believe (with 95% confidence)  you will exceed the membrane bioreactor pressure limit (0.55 bar) in 48 hours.

I suggest considering chemical cleaning!

Check mypani.com for details.

0.65 bar

Prevent downtime with predictive insights and anomaly detection

Improve your bottom line with energy and chemical savings

Prolong the life of your critical assets with cleaning and operational recommendations


Existing tools (DCS/SCADA) don’t provide operators with the predictive tools to prevent system upset. This leads to costly down-time due to production shut-down.


The Coach forecasts issues that may occur based off incoming data, trends, and simulations. Operators are alerted with domain-specific recommendations preventing system upset. Benefits:

  • 20% reduction in plant downtime

  • 15-40% increase in asset life

How it works

Follow the blue chat bubbles clockwise for a quick overview of how the technology works. 

Implement at your facility 

No retrofits

No downtime

No disruption







We layer a series of defensive mechanisms on top one another in order to protect our clients' valuable data and information. 

Data is the foundation of what we do.
The importance of data collection and analysis comes with the interconnected importance of protecting this data and keeping it secure. Data is pushed to the platform in a one-way transfer that keeps our clients and their facilities safe.


While data is not in use or in transit, it remains encrypted: scrambled and incomprehensible.


SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3; FISMA, DIACAP, and FedRAMP; PCI DSS Level 1; ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018


We combine something you know (a password) with something you have (a phone) to validate your identity.


We perform penetration testing using a CREST-certified, 3rd party in order to ensure compliance and best-in-class security.

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Pani Energy provides a cloud-based machine learning software platform to elevate the efficiency of industrial and city scale water treatment infrastructures. Pani's award-winning Artificially Intelligent Digital Operator Coach ingests plant data and instructs operators how to optimize their plant's performance. 

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